• Welcome Back Grant Building Capital Campaign


    The Case: 

    For over 40 years, Mountainland Head Start, Inc, also known as Early Learning Essentials, has been providing high-quality comprehensive services to vulnerable preschool children in Utah, Juab and Wasatch Counties using a two generation approach. More recently we have begun providing those same services to infants and toddlers in southern Utah county and Juab county. We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization with a mission to empower children and families to succeed. There are a myriad of basic early learning essentials that are fundamental and necessary for children to thrive. Our comprehensive, two generation approach addresses many of these early learning essentials. One of the essentials is a high-quality, early childhood education. As recipients of a federal Head Start grant, we provide high-quality preschool services at no cost to families to address the academic needs of  children. As a second essential we provide health, nutrition and mental health services to address a child’s development and overall well-being. We know children thrive with parental and community support, thus, to address this third early learning essential, we partner with parents as a child’s first and primary educator and form community partnerships to meet vital child and family needs. 

    Over the years, we have seen the needs of vulnerable children and families grow, evolve and become more complex. To meet the increasing complex and evolving needs of children and families to empower them that they might succeed, we seek to tap into the power of collective impact by growing our programs through increased engagement of our community partners and the community at large in the work we do.  We believe that it takes an entire community working together to meet the needs of vulnerable children. With this goal and vision in mind, we saw a need to increase our facility space and applied for federal Head Start funding to purchase the Grant School building at a reduced price from the Nebo School District who is one of our primary community partners.  We were successful in securing the funding for the building purchase; however, the Head Start grant requires us to generate a 20% non-federal match from the community in the form of in-kind donations of time, supplies, discounts and/or monetary donations. We also applied for and succeeded in securing a Community Development Block Grant to help with the clean-up, remodeling and repurpose costs of the building. Since the building sat empty for several years, it fell into disrepair. It is anticipated that the Community Development Block Grant funds will not be enough to cover all the costs necessary to accommodate all of the new programming. The purpose of this capital campaign is to raise funds from the community to finalize the Grant building remodel, retrofit rooms and re-open the building to provide our flagship high-quality, comprehensive services as well as new programming as we partner with our community partners to benefit children and families in the Springville Utah area. 

    The repurposed Grant building, once remodeled, will include:

    • Two preschool classrooms
    • One toddler classroom
    • Two childcare rooms for wrap-around services
    • A computer literacy lab
    • A STEM room
    • A sensory room
    • A commercial kitchen
    • A parent resource room
    • A multi-purpose room
    • Two training rooms
    • A staff break room
    • Three administrative offices
    • Storage space
    • Outdoor play spaces
    • Ample parking lot


    Campaign Funding Goals and How the Community Can Help


    Volunteers are a vital link to the fiscal picture since donated time has in-kind value. This investment of unpaid physical labor supports our organization’s bottom line. The following are a few ways volunteers can support us.

    • Help clean the building from removing cobwebs to cleaning windows and floors.
    • Pull out old carpet
    • Remove debris
    • Landscaping work
    • Assist with furniture assembly
    • Assist with room set-up

    Donate Supplies and Materials

    Below is a list of some of the most needed items:


    Education School supplies

    • Notebooks
    • Crayons
    • Washable markers
    • Blunt-tipped scissors
    • Glue sticks
    • Educational Games 
    • Children’s Books
    • Matching Games
    • Child nap time blankets

     Provide Free or Discounted Professional Trade Labor

    There will be a need to engage the work of all professional construction trades in the remodel.  

     Donate Capital - Charitable Giving Options

     Commitments can be fulfilled by cash, check, or online giving. Online giving can be accomplished through our website, please visit www.mountainlandheadstart.org. The Grant School alumni and everyone in the surrounding community is invited to contribute to this important campaign. The goal is to raise $700,000.

     Donor Recognition Plan

     All contributions of $500 or more will be recognized in specialized plaques and installed in the remodeled Grant building. Donations of $100 or more will be publicly acknowledged. A donor may choose to remain anonymous. Donors may choose to make contributions in honor or memory of. Donors will have the opportunity to identify how they wish to be listed. 

     Naming Opportunities

    Recommended minimum gift levels:

    $250,000 Early Childhood Education Center Building  

    $40,000 Playground  

    $10,000 Lobby

    $15,000 Training wing hallway

    $15,000 Early learning wing hallway 

    $15,000 Preschool classroom -1

    $15,000 Preschool classroom - 2

    $15,000 Toddler classroom

    $10,000 Childcare room - 1

    $10,000 Childcare room - 2

    $20,000 STEM room

    $15,000 Sensory room

    $20,000 Commercial kitchen

    $10,000 Parent resource room

    $20,000 Multi-purpose room

    $5,000 Training room -1

    $5,000 Training room - 2

    $5,000 Staff break room

    $495,000 Total

    With an ambitious six-month timeframe for this capital campaign, we seek community leaders who would like to get involved in support of this essential facility improvement project to make mission-driven services at the highest level of quality available in the Springville area. For the first time in our 41-year history, we turn to our supporters and community and ask for either a one-time contribution or to consider an additional monthly pledge in support of the campaign, payable over the next three-five years. We invite you to be a part of this exciting new chapter in our 41-year history. All donations are tax-deductible. Donors with specific questions regarding tax deductibility should contact their attorney or financial advisor.

    For progress on the remodel follow us on Facebook and/or visit our website

    Thank you for your support.

     With appreciation,

     The staff of Mountainland Head Start, DBA Early Learning Essentials


    Grant School Building