Values and Guiding Principles

  • Our Organizational Values are a set of beliefs which guide our behavior and help us deliver our mission:



    Treating others with compassion, consideration, appreciation and dignity



    Working collaboratively as a team with ownership and alignment toward a

    common goal



    Demonstrating the highest standards of personal integrity, professional competence, and ethical practices in behavior



    Demonstrating the highest standards of honesty, honor, sincerity, truthfulness and courage in accountability through actively pursuing congruity between organizational values and our actions



    Applying personal and organizational resources in new ways to create excellence and fulfill our mission more effectively in an ever-changing environment


    Our Guiding Principles:

    Our guiding principles reflect our approach to accomplish our mission. They are the norms that dictate how we implement our mission and core agency strategies. They are unwavering and reflect how we interact with each other, our clients and the community.


    -          We are motivated by the potential of children and families

    -          We are accountable and utilize resources wisely

    -          We strive for excellence and seek continuous quality improvement

    -          We seek opportunities for collaboration and partnerships

    -          We promote a spirit of fairness and ethical behavior

    -          We respect individual and cultural diversity