Children with Disabilities

  • We aim to improve educational and developmental outcomes of children with disabilities.

    The Mountainland Head Start program is a program of inclusion which provides  developmentally appropriate services to children with disabilities. At least 10% of our enrollment are children with disabilities, and Head Start has proven to be an excellent placement for their growth and development.

    Our staff are trained to accept each child regardless of physical, emotional, or intellectual difficulties. We believe our Head Start classroom is the ideal place for children with disabilities to begin to socialize with their peers in a setting of acceptance and inclusion.

    Children with disabilities receive the full range of services offered to all Head Start Children including: individual education, medical and dental services, snacks and hot lunch daily, parent involvement and training, and developmental assessments.

    In addition, children with disabilities receive these necessary services in coordination with local school districts and other community agencies: Individualized Education Program, Speech/Language Services, Physical Development Services, and Mental Health Consultation.

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