• Parents as Partners:

    Head Start recognizes the parent as the primary educator in the life of each child. Parents are the child’s first and most important teacher, and they have the greatest influence on their child’s development. Consequently, a strong partnership between parents and teachers is best for each child’s healthy development.

    We rely on our Head Start parents to participate in and have fun with activities that benefit the Head Start program and most importantly their child.  We hope every parent becomes a Head Start volunteer. There are many ways for volunteerism to occur inside or outside the classroom setting.

    Because studies show that parents who read to children at home and engage in educational activities at home help children perform better in school, we promote literacy and reading in the home. Teachers partner with parents to identify educational activities for the home that reinforce the learning that takes place in the classroom.

    Thank you for your interest in supporting your children's learning! 

    Family Involvement

    Family Services provides support, encouragement, and training to help parents be more effective in their role as their child’s first and most important teacher.  At Head Start, parents may take part in family activities, training programs, and workshops.  Parents take part in center parent committees to plan activities and many serve as members of Policy Council. Family Services helps parents become more confident and capable, seeks to enable parents to support their child’s development and school readiness.  Parents are encouraged to volunteer in their child’s classroom, however, parents are expected to meet with teachers for home visits and Parent/Teacher Conferences. Parents find that Head Start not only helps a child have a successful experience in the classroom, it also helps parents be successful parents.

    Family Activities

    Free or low-cost family activities are offered throughout the year.  Information is regularly sent home to parents via the children.  Notes, fliers, and weekly classroom newsletters contain particulars on field trips, parent activities, child activities at home, and special events.  Head Start sponsored events offer mothers, fathers, and children an opportunity to play together, or just be together.