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Funds to operate Mountainland Head Start, Inc. come directly from the federal government.  However, the government only provides 80% of the funds necessary to operate our program.  The other 20% must come from cash donations or in-kind contributions from our community.  In-Kind is the donation of time, space or materials used in the program that would otherwise be purchased.  A dollar amount is assigned to all volunteer hours whether in the classroom, at the center or at home.  The dollar amounts are totaled and help us reach our required non-federal match goals.

Mountainland Head Start is a private, non-profit (501)(c)(3) agency, and donations may be tax deductible,according to IRS regulations. Please check with your tax consultant. To donate, please complete the attached donation form.You can mail your donation to:

Mountainland Head Start, Inc. 264 W 300 N Provo, Utah 84601

If you would like your contribution to go towards a specific program please indicate so on your check or money order and on the donation form. Thank you for supporting our local children, families and education. 

Or make a donation using the link below:

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