Get Involved

  • Welcome to the Mountainland Head Start, Inc. volunteer program. Volunteering and giving of your time is easy and fun. We have many areas that might interest you:

    • Classroom
    • Health/Nutrition
    • Administrative Office
    • Maintenance
    • Family Services
    • Child Development

    Volunteering is essential to our Head Start program. The success of the program depends upon active participation of parents and others in the community. Your knowledge, time and talent can all contribute to this effort.

    By Volunteering, you will help us meet our mission and our non-federal match requirement, become acquainted with our program and help staff make it a fun learning experience for all.

    There is no time commitment to volunteer. You can do it on your lunch break, as a one time event or set a weekly schedule. We appreciate all volunteer hours. To get started simply complete the Volunteer Intake form below. 


    Please direct any questions to Bowdrie Clawson, Community Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator at Mountainland Head Start, Inc. at (801) 375-7981.


    For monetary donations or for donations of supplies, please visit our donations page.


    Thank you! 






















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