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Many thanks from me and my family for all that you do!

I am very grateful for the Mountainland Head Start program, if it did not exist, my son would not have been afforded the opportunity to attend pre-school. My son is now attending Kindergarten and doing extremely well. It is evident the teachers and staff at Head Start have equipped him with all the necessary tools to succeed and prepare him for Kindergarten. My son took an assessment test for placement in Kindergarten. He scored in the top 3 of students enrolling in Kindergarten at his school. He was placed in an advanced class where he is performing at an advanced level. I continue to receive comments from his teacher and administration regarding how well behaved he is in class and they are interested in how I prepared him for school, as he is performing at such a higher level than most of his schoolmates. Head Start provided him with all the fundamental academic requirements for entry into Kindergarten, as well as, provided him with the social and emotional needs to succeed in a classroom environment and at home. He learned to use his voice and how to handle challenging situations while working and playing with other children. He is the youngest in his class, but is able to exude confidence in his ability, is eager to learn, and is excited about learning new things. He is reading at a 2nd grade reading level, the teachers at Head Start encouraged reading and read to him every day. I attribute his love for reading to the enthusiasm and constant encouragement by his teacher at Head Start. The program helped me, as a parent, I was able to volunteer in the classroom and see how the teachers approached challenging situations with pre-school age children. I learned very effective tools and skills I now use at home to help my child be more successful and noticed a significant and positive difference in his behavior and abilities at home and school. I am thankful for the Head Start program, it has made a significant and positive impact on my son and my family. It has set the foundation for my son’s love of learning and future success.